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Safety warning on 2mm gap : Ok but why?



I received my 2 Flow Full hives and reading the user guide line by line I came across this:

If you have correctly adjusted the fit of your FlowTM frames the back faces should now be lined up to create a flat ‘window’ into the hive. The frames should fit snugly with little movement front-to-back or side-toside and there should be no gaps greater than 2mm (1/8”).
Safety Warning: Before adding bees to your hive make sure there are no gaps >2mm.

And again a few pages later…

I am now checking the less than 2mm gap everywhere, but I am still not clear why this is so important… Is this really that important that 3mm will be a problem ?

help anyone ?


its simply so that there isnt enough room for a bee to squeeze through between the flow frames.


specifically it’s so bees can’t squeeze out the back ‘window’ when you remove the cover to extract/view. It shouldn’t be an issue with your full flow custom hive.


thank you both for your fast reply !


Small gaps are a haven for beetles as well.