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Sea Eagle Nest Live camera (No Bees though)



This was passed on to me by a friend who’s an ornithologist. I just turned it on for the first time & was lucky enough to have both parent birds arrive with fish to feed.
Just wanted to share with anyone interested, it’s amazing to be able to watch, can’t wait till the chick is about to fly…
The birds are at Olympic Park, Sydney, NSW Australia. There are other nests with live camera in other parts of the world too
No Bees, but …


Lovely. We have Red Kites nesting in a tree at the bottom of the garden. They get day old chicks in the breeding season. They come to my whistle and take the chicks in mid air. Such a success story. Indigenous to WALES and nearly exterminated but captive bred and reintroduced. Pity we can’t exterminate the gamekeepers that poison the last few breeding pairs of Hen Harriers we have… All for the push nobs to shoot grouse!


Wonderful to see, thanks Kirsten! Sweet to look in while mum & baby are fast asleep. Can’t wait to check back later when it’s daytime there!