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Shell Shock News Flash From DOWN UNDER


Just been surfing the net on the Aussie Flow Hive website and noticed in their shop that they have ‘sold out’ of all the Western Red Cedar setups, only selling the pine version now.

Is there anyone out there in the know who can enlighten me as I have friends most interested in my WRC setup and I virtually have them sold. Just don’t know what to tell them now that I have seen this latest news.

I trust that they will come back in their product range because surely it is their best seller. I hope all is well.


Why not just use the pine version?



Get what you pay for, . They are selling the pine version for a discounted price so that is a good option that I will promote to my friends, may even get one myself. I’m guessing that they are now really trying to move the pine versions out the door and this is why they have removed the cedar kits.


All at once as well. That IS odd.


You might have to get your order in quick to secure a pine one after the latest news:)


Whats the latest news ???


Its Wilma here. Jeff asked me to tell you that the flow won the Australian Design Award competition.


I ordered a full Cedar setup 3 weeks ago and it was delivered a week later. I must have got my order in just in time. There were a couple of design changes to the roof that were different to the supplied instructions and YouTube video, but it wasn’t hard to work out how to put it together.

I was also very happy with the quality of the boxes and I didn’t experience any problems putting it all together.


I just tried adding one to my shopping cart. No such message of being out of stock. But I didn’t progress past that point either if it said something in later pages. However from what I can tell they aren’t out of stock in the USA


That’s really weird, I’ve just checked on the Aussie website again and things are back to normal, they are available again BUT they were definately SOLD OUT over the weekend. All good now.


I was right, I knew that they were sold out of WRC kits in Australia. The WRC complete kit is no available at present for a short time. Just received a lovely reply from Flow who amongst other things had this to say,

“In regards to the selling out of our WRC hives on our .com.au website this is true and we plan to be putting stock back in place very soon. We do have WRC stock available on our .com site”.

Regarding an issue that I have with my roof, Flow’s support network is second to none. Thanks a ton


Big congratulations to the lads. Quite the prestigious award!