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Shipping charges to France

Hi, I’m looking at the difference in shipping cost of 2x Flow hives, to France, if I choose GLS Ground Service (€61, 2-3 business days) or DHL Worldwide Express (€310, 2-6 business days).
It’s a big difference. I presume they come from Australia and so I don’t believe the shipping times. And I can wait a little while. But I’m concerned that the Ground Service will be on the proverbial slow boat and take two months. Can anyone shed any light on this situation? Where do shipments to France come from and how long will the transport take, after leaving the warehouse?

Hi Suisse, the forum is for beekeeping questions and chat. Your shipping questions would be the kind to ask the Flow team:

Hope you can get things figured out!


OK. Thanks. I’ll try again there.


SNAP! to what @Eva said! :rofl:

Most of us here are just beekeepers, many of whom use the Flow hive. However, @Bianca and @Freebee2 both work for Flow, and could probably answer that for you accurately. You could also email info@honeyflow.com :wink:

However, based on previous questions and the situation in the US, I can tell you that Flow has central distribution centres for large regions. The US one used to be in Chicago (not sure about now). I have a vague memory that the EU distribution hub is in the Netherlands, so there is no reason why they could not make those estimated shipping times. We await the pronouncement of the Flow employee gurus, though! :blush:


I just found this interactive map on the main Honeyflow.com web site. It doesn’t show a distribution hub in the Netherlands, but it does show an authorized reseller in southern France:
Authorised Flow Resellers, Flow Ambassadors and Beekeeping Clubs – Flow Hive US

The Flow team are not usually on this forum over the weekend, but I am sure that one of them will reply to you some time tomorrow. :wink:

Hi Suisse,

Eva and Dawn have both given you some good info.

Info@honeyflow.com is a good contact email to use for any product or shipping related queries (while the forum is awesome for beekeeping advice).

Orders headed for France will ship from the Netherlands and are generally pretty quick, provided the item is in stock (note that some items are available on a pre-order basis - this will always be noted on the product pages).

GLS Ground Service is fine to use - it’s quite efficient.

If you need any further assistance, please pop us through an email and we’ll be glad to help.

Warm regards,

Free (Flow Team)