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Shipping in Europe


Hi guys,

I noticed in your latest email that you have a European warehouse … Does this mean that shipping costs will go down for EU customers?



Although we have a dispatch point in Europe, we still have to ship our Flow Frames from Australia, and the wooden components from the USA.

Flow is paying for all the VAT and Duties in the EU (which is quite expensive) - so you do not need to pay this, it is all included in the one shipping price.

Our shipping is based on the weight and size of the packages, and our price is normally considerably less that other companies, as we were able to negotiate quite a big discount due to the amount of product we have been shipping.

Hopefully this answers your query.


Thanks Faroe for your answer. Didn’t know that custom duties were also included!



Yes, previously they weren’t, and customers were getting some high taxes etc, depending on where they were.
They were apparently quite high, so when you add it all up, the shipping is not too much in comparison to the weight.