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Hi! Have someone experience with honeyflow hive resp. frames in Slovakia?
Má niekto zo Slovenska skúsenosti s úľom honey flow hive?
Oslovili ma predajcovia z Číny, ktorí ponúkajú úľ Classic 6 frames za 145 euro plus dopravne. Uvažujem o kúpe ale zistil som, že čínske majú nedostatky oproti originálom.


They are illegal to purchase if your country has patent and copyright laws. It is called stealing

They are a poor imitation mechanically, have suspect food quality plastic and you will have trouble with them, no question.

Oni sú nezákonné ku kúpe, ak vaša krajina má patentov a autorských práv. To sa nazýva krádež

Sú chudobní imitácia mechanicky, mať kvalitného plastu podozrivé potraviny a budete mať problémy s nimi, nie je pochýb.


hello Im owner of aceitecsb.es, a spezialized shop in Honey and I am looking for beekeeper from all around Europe, in order to sell their honey. Plases contact with me


Goodness me, @busso! Is there any language that you don’t speak??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What is illegal? That is different from country to country.

But my main question is: Does it work in Slovak conditions? Does somebody have experiences with this system in Slovakia?

Other question is legality. But this is not so important to me. More important is morality in this question. Because when somebody steel that doesn t mean that it is amoral. Example: Robin Hood or Juraj Jánošík in Slovak history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juraj_Jánošík :slight_smile:


Me thinks @busso is using Google Translate app…:wink:


If you think it OK to steal a design and make it at half the cost, (because slave labour is cheap) with very poor materials and have big problems with it then by all means buy it but don’t come here asking for help and advice because this a FlowHive forum you will not be welcome.


Hi Fanuel,
There has been discussion on this forum before regarding the chinese counterfeit copies, the chinese version is poorly constructed with the cells not aligning, only part of frame will be capped due to the imperfections. And as mentioned above, the plastic cannot be guaranteed to be food safe. My advice is don’t waste your money, spend a little extra and get the real thing. It will save you a whole lot of hassle and heartache.


Seems I can also write “crabby” with no google translation necessary.:grimacing:


Mr. Busso!
I did not write that I think it is OK! My main question is about practical use in Slovakia. I wrote about chinesse because they offer frames too, but I found out that with lower quality. But truth is that with lower price too.

Question about legality is not so important to me, because that is relative. I did not write that copy of idea etc.etc. is OK.

But nobody answer on my main question.


Sorry if I got the wrong impression. In you saying you were considering buying the Chinese rubbish, I just assumed you were OK with the Chinese stealing patented designs and reproducing them.
My bad.

To answer your main question. There is no reason why a genuine FlowHive will not work in Slovakia the same way as they work all over the world.


In Slovakia, we have a great debate between beekeepers and beekeeping clubs about topic Honey flow hive for over a year. Opponents of using two separate arguments:

  1. Malfunctions in the conditions of Slovakia. Therefore my main question seeks to know if anyone has experience with it in Slovakia.
  2. Goal of the project Honeyflow hive - What is the main goal of this project?
    Our beekeepers say that It is not truth what you declare: “A love for the bees and the natural world has always been an important part” because:
    a. Ecobeekeepers say that you are using plastic frames
    b. Others say It is only fund raising project because Hiveflow frames are very expensive. Normal hive in Slovakia cost from cca 50 - 80 euro. Yours 625 ecl VAT. It is 10 times more. And production cost cannot be so hi. Therefore goal of this project is not good of bees and beekeepers but main goal is profit of founders. And similar patent from Juan Garriga 8. august 1939.
    Therefore If Chinesse frames or from other producers will be function and cheaper why we should not use them for good of the bees and beekeeper. Legality in that does not play the roll - as it did not play roll by Robin Hood or Juraj Jánošík.


So you are OK with the Chinese stealing the work and ideas of others, well go right ahead and buy the copy and do your own research. You will find the stolen Chinese rubbish,as others have found, do not work. Cheaper to buy one that works.

The answers to your other questions can be found on this and other forums if you bother to search. Don’t expect people who respect the rightful ownership of patents to do the work for you.

PS You don’t happen to have a relative in Finland do you? Just asking.


No relatives in Finland.

One more time:
If Chinesse frames or from other producers will be function and cheaper why we should not use them for good of the bees and beekeeper. Legality in that does not play the roll -

Rights of ownerships do not should be right of profit. Rights of ownerships are not absolute rights. Higher in this case should be good of bees and also humankind. That is higher right than right of ownership I thing.

For the social and economical justice is good to have concurrence - competition. If for somebody is not financial profit the highest vallue why he should be scared from concurrence.


Look up ''Intellectual Property" and ‘‘Patents’’ and what they mean.


Hi Fanuel, thanks for your enquiry. We have 31 customers so far from Slovakia itself. There are many more customers in the neighbouring countries.
It looks like no-one from Slovakia has posted on the forum yet, and I can’t personally think of any customers who have emailed in feedback yet.
In regards to the Flow Frames working in Europe it works in cold temperatures.
There is some debate on flower/honey types. So this might be more of the question… What type of flowers etc., do you have in Slovakia?
This is in regards to thixotropic honey, e.g. melaluka, rape seed, heather - which cause very thick honey.
Below are a few links to faqs about Flow Frames in winter and thick honey:

The Flow Frames were developed over 10 years of trial and error. There is a lot of money to get a patent, buy the machinery to make the molds, set up manufacturing, worldwide shipping etc. (you will find a lot more info on this throughout the forum.)

We cannot guarantee the quality, etc., of the Chinese copycats - if you bought off them, you would be dealing with them.
You will see various complaints and videos on the forum and web about the differences between the original copyright, patented Flow Frames and the cheap copies that are being manufactured now.