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Slugs eat chalkbrood


Have a weakish hive that I will requeen soon - which today had removed say 10 or so chalkbrood mummies onto the landing board. I went out tonight with a cloth to clean them up but found them all gone, and half a dozen slugs finishing up their evening meal. Looks like the millipedes helped them too.


Yes slugs eat the dead bees on the ground too here


I have now read that millipedes eat fungus, which is kind of handy cleaning up chalkbrood mummies.


I have noticed that SHB larvae will also consume chalk brood mummies. Looking at a chalk brood mummy, it’s hard to imaging them having any food value.


that’s because you’re not a slug, millipede or SHB larvae Jeff :wink: To them it is like a nice strong blue cheese I imagine.