Small hive beetle flow hive 2

Hey Nick, flying SHBs are attracted to hives by a component of the alarm pheromone produced by bees when they are queenless, so you’re getting things under control already with the new queen. @Peter48 has mentioned watering the ground around a hive stand with salt water, was that it, Pete? Kills pupating larvae that burrow in soil.

I used to saturate the ground with a watering can of about 1/2 cup of salt, a cup of vinegar and the can filled with water. Had been doing that for years with good results. Now I have hanging traps set up around the apiary hanging in trees and that is even better as they are reminder they are there. With the watering can treatment I tended to do it when the SHB were noticeably stronger in the hives.
SHB can infest a hive that is queen-less because it is down in bee population so easier to get a foot hold in the hive.
Cheers Eva


I’m a new beek, had my Flow Hive 2 set up about 6 days with a 5 frame nuc and 5 waxed frames. Oil in the bottom tray and currently 15 beetles. So they fall through the grate… right? What are they doing down there. Do the Bees chase them down? Is there likely to be more on the frames?
I’m not inspecting for another week. Just want to give it a bit of time before I disturb the colony.

Hi Paul, my guess is the bees chase them down there, which is what I’ve recently been saying. The bees continue, incessantly to chase them until they find somewhere to hide. It’s only when the worker numbers are critically low that beetles will be on brood frames for any length of time.

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