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Small Hive Beetle - SHB Aethina Tumida


hey @JeffH love your videos (watched the smoker one as well, very insightful). would this work if adding a second brood box as well (forgive me if that isn’t correct jargon)? i’ve seen a few videos of the frames getting stuck together when beeks are taking them apart (think that was @Chet_Calhoun if i’m not mistaken). i’m a few weeks away from adding my second brood box super so i may as well put the best plan in place


Hi Mat, thank you. If you use all frames containing properly fitted foundation, you should have no problems.

With your first box, I’d suggest you check all of your frames to make sure that the combs are sitting in the frames properly. If that is the case & you evenly space them, you should find removing & replacing them to be a sinch.