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Southern New England - Too Late for Flow Supers?


My two hives each with two deep now look to have healthy colonies.

Too late to put on Flow supers?

Thank you.


Yes. Too late. Don’t even think about it… :wink:


@Dawn_SD you don’t think it is a good idea to let the bees get some wax and bees smell on them so they take to them faster next year? Just a thought.


I think it is a good idea if there is plenty of time left in the season. Right now, everything is winding down.

I would rather have my bees concentrate on what space and stores they have, than worry about what they might want to do with something new. If you have a strong colony at the start of next season, they will soon start exploring the Flow frames. :wink:


Leave them off. Let your bees set themselves up for winter. When they come through that and have built up in spring so the hive is full, then is the time to put the honey supers on.



In New England, it was too late two months ago imo same as southern NJ.


Wow. Short season!