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Split Hive into 2 brood boxes with HEX pre-drawn wax frames

Hey All

Just this morning I inspected my Hive & decided things looked good enough to do something I had planned to do for a while, but was waiting to see how the FS was filling ( I did a full extract at the end of November ) It seems this time around the bees are not as keen to fill the FS (maybe they swarmed after I extracted the FS the first time as I have heard of this happening) Anyway the FS frames are not even quarter full on average.

There seems to be plenty of brood and bees, I found the queen & larvae in cells.

Bit of a disclaimer here - Im a newbee at beeking so please go easy on me if I have done something terribly wrong!

Anywaaaayyyssss… I decided on a bit of a whim to split the colony into 2 boxes. I had recently purchased some HEX cell pre-drawn frames:

(I watched a few vid reviews & read other peeps opinions - most were quite impressed) So I went ahead and put 4 blank HEX frames in the original box (leaving brood & honey) & 4 HEX cell frames in the new box. Made sure I then moved 2 honey frames & 2 brood frames into the new box also.

I put the new box on top of the original… put the QX on top of the new box… then put the FS on top of that.
But I am thinking I should maybe leave the FS off now hey? Let the Queen get cracking on making more brood before I burden them with trying to fill the FS? But then If I take that off, and put it aside, what happens to the honey already in there? Will it crystalize or go bad in some way? Should I extract what is in there and leave it off for the rest of summer/autumn?

Lastly, I noticed that some bees were fighting, wrestling. Sometimes one bee would just be prone, sometimes they were both going at it, wings flapping like mad. Other times It would just be a bee taking out a dead bee, But when observing the pile of wax they were on, there were often little scraps between them. I had not seen anything like this before. Only now after inspecting & splitting the hive has this been observed.

It didnt last long though, its been about 2 hours & now the hive behaviour seems to be back to normal.

Here are some videos to go along with everything I described:

Looking at your pics. Have you separated the full brood into two and just added it to your hive?

Splitting would normally mean creating two hives from the original.