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Swarm control and nuc's?


What are people doing for there swarm control with there Hives? I don’t want two hives yet I would just like to keep the flow hive for now, I was thinking of using a nuc to manage swarming but wondered what other people’s expirances have been?


Swarming is the bees’ reproduction. It would be a poor race of bees that didn’t. It’s natural and inevitable.
You can always split when you get swarm cells then re-unite when swarming has finished. You may have two hives for a while but you will eventually be back to the one.
But think about it. That extra hive might be what you need to support the other one day. It might make the difference between having bees or not


Dee is correct. Sooner or later all bees will swarm. It is the natural thing of their survival. I have an extra hive ready but doubt ours will swarm this first year as they will have plenty to do building comb in two deep brood boxes. I have two Nuc boxes ready as well because I am starting 3 new hives this season.
Dees idea of splitting n reintroducing is one effective way to keep to a single setup most of the time. You will always need some backup or extra hive boxes. I’d suggest find a fellow beekeeper n/or club to help n learn from as well. There is some work with raising bees. You will find enjoyment n fun with this hobby. A good book or two are very helpful so you are not caught with too many surprises.
Good luck n enjoy the ride. It’s a great hobby with a sense of pride !