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Swarm Season Ends?


Does swarm season or fear of swarming ever end? During a single summer, I mean.



But you don’t have to fear it. Sometimes it just happens no matter what you do.


Don’t waste time fearing swarming. Plan a head, open brood nests, stop overcrowding and have swam traps out. Better to sit down with a cup of tea after that preparation than waste time and energy on fearing it :grinning:

As spring turns to summer the threat lessens, at least here it does.



Yes…here too.
The bees change from bringing in masses of pollen and switch to nectar in preparation for the grand exit then things cool down as they prep their stores for winter


Day before yesterday, early morning as I leave for work I walk out and just take a look at the bees and possibly take a thermal image. Again yesterday morning there was a massive amount of bees on the exterior of the hive at 5 AM. Not uncommon for my hive at least thus far. They covered the front of the 2 brood boxes. They’ve done that now for at least 2 or 3 weeks. I’ve done several hive inspections during that period of time, never once seeing any queen cells and they appear to have room for eggs and larvae and certainly room for honey and nectar/pollen in the flow frames. Which are filling up nicely.

Last night returning home from work late, because of very heavy thunderstorms and traffic, I walked out to take a look at the hive and the number of bees on the external the hive even though it was raining seem lighter than normal. I opened up the view windows both rear and side and I was a little surprised on how few bees were inside. This morning, as leaving for work I took a look inside as well normally I don’t. This morning there were very few bees on the front of the hive so I took a look inside, the number was similar to that from last night.

I’m wondering if I had a swarm. I will not be able to get back into my hive until at least Saturday. We are expecting torrential rain until Saturday or Sunday. I just can’t imagine a swarm happening yesterday with as much rain as we have received.

I hope there was not a swarm :sob: