Thinking of getting a poly hive to try it out, have questions

Hello all,

I am thinking of trying a Poly Hive. Seen a lot of conflicting arguments on them. They seem to have many advantages over wooden hives.

What would be clear disadvantages for Poly hives, apart from price point?
One thing I was also wondering is should I paint the inside?

Hi There, We run almost exclusively Poly hives and can say they rock.
They are less expensive actually. We run Lyson as the europoly is of a higher quality than the ones made in the US.
They latch together so no more rocks to weigh down
You don’t need to insulate in the winter, so no extra covers to store.
They are pretty much self contained.
Use them screens or closed, whatever you prefer.
We run half closed and no top vent in winter, open and one vent open in summer
Downside? well you do have to bee a bit more careful with them but so far 4 years in, none that I can think of. Paint it really really well but NO to the inside, it’s all good without that.
We trie the BeeMax and found too many flaws to use again.
Lyson is the most advanced as they have been doing this for a lot longer.

Sounds good.

I have seen that they do some chewing on the inside which I would not want to happen.

I have been thinking of converting my wooden hives to poly, has I would like to use my wooden ones to move around a bit more.

Thanks for the information. I usually plave my hive roofs upside down on the ground and place the super ontop, would that be possible with Poly hives?

Yep, works fine. I can post some pics if you would like?


Sure, would love to see your setup!

Lol, The setup isnt much different bt I have some spares I can show you. Might have a pic of the yard but you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all :joy:

Ok here we go:


This is just some bits I had in the house.
That mid box is a topfeeder but super or deep goes there.
Everything latches together except the BB of course and on the top box for an inner cover you can use a propolis trap ( excludes all bees for entry ) canvas or mylar or similar sheeting.

There are some tips about that but I’ll wait till you actually get it to go into it.
If anyone has any other Qs or you want more pics? Happy to oblige.
HMm looks like new user cant post all the pics so have to break them up

bottom board underside:

great Now im replying to quickly :hot_face: