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To top vent or not to top vent?

Hi brains-trust!

Do any of you use a top-vent in your flowhive to reduce moisture (thus perhaps chalk-brood) and/ or reduce heat in summer?

I’ve seen a lot of beekeeper chat about the requirement for this to reduce bearding, which according to many is unnecessary and only happens when the hive is poorly ventilated (I am in Brisbane, AU and often have a glorious beard on my hives).

I’m very keen to hear about anyone who uses a Vivaldi board with success or even those who drilled a hole in the flowhive roof. Pictures would be amazing.

Thanks! :yellow_heart::honeybee:

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I have put a 25mm hole either end of the gable with fly wire covering on the inside. I keep the hole open in the crown board and the coreflute in the top slot or on my flow hive 2 I keep the vent closed. I have also reduced the entrances by more than half. Was 44deg Celcius here on Sunday and there were beards the size of tennis balls on each of my hives. Bear in mind I wouldn’t have near the humidity here that you would experience. Someone’s experience closer to you would possibly be more beneficial.

Thanks for your question @JJJ

I’m interested to hear what others suggest/do as well, and why.

I believe it would be subjective to location though considering the contrast in weather/temperature/moisture between cold to tropical climates.