Top round hole?

With temperatures with highs around 80 degrees/ Lows around mid 50s should I cover that round hole in top of my hive or screen it off with something?

The last week and a half I’ve just had a flat Rock covering the hole…

I did this because I was told if I did not cover it somehow that the bees wood possibly go up into the roof and try to make comb up there instead of the brood box.

I think you already asked this question elsewhere, but my answer is the same. :blush:

Leave it covered with the flat rock. The bees do not need the hole for ventilation, and in fact it may make their job of cooling harder by disrupting laminar flow of air in the hive. I am in southern California and my inner cover is closed off all year round. My bees almost never beard, even though our summers get pretty hot and sometimes quite humid. That means they are not overheating, as bearding is often seen when the hive is getting too hot. So trust me, it is perfectly OK to leave it closed off. :wink:


Ok thanks, been crazy busy so I just forget sometimes…

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Slow down Matt, working in low gear will cut down the stress for you and the bees, you know what happens if you stress the bees with jerky movements and the subsequent bumps of frames and other gear. I even tell myself out loud to slowdown and it does then ‘sink in’ !!!
I totally agree with @Dawn_SD, the large hole is there for internal feeding so don’t use it for ventilation. If the hive gets too hot or builds up moisture inside then look at placing a dedicated vent into the hive roof ends. I am in a sub-tropical climate and decided to place a couple of vents in my hives and doing that has made life better for the bees with a lot less bearding and no fanning at the entrance even in really hot weather, so making more bees available for other chores…
Cheers, Peter

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