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UK Flow keepers

Im at Brigg North Lncoulnshire

Im at Brigg North Lincoulnshire

[Valli] Valli http://forum.honeyflow.com/users/valli
March 27

Dave where are you based? there are more natural beekeepers if that is
what you want.
Barefoot beekeeper - is based down at Devon Cornwall way - I think quite
close to Buckfast Abby.

West Midlands, Solihull

Hi Everyone.


My wife and I have just started to keep bees. Flow hive as a Christmas present and now have out first over wintered nuc colony installed. We wanted to do a course but all the locals one were booked. We would love a local mentor to the area of Godalming, Surrey, if anyone wants to impart their knowledge and at the moment we are gathering all the information we can from the internet and the flow community.

We are looking to move down to the area of Poole, hopefully this summer (2017) and we spend a lot of time down there. We would love to come and visit your hives as well if you are in either of these areas, or relatively close, and would love to learn anything that you have picked up over the years, many or few.

Wish you all success with your bees !!!

Alex and Jenny

Hi Alex and Jenny (@alexcharlesstewart1),

Hopefully someone has responded privately. I’m waaaay to far away to physically mentor you guys but if you post questions in appropriate threads/topics on this forum you’ll get plenty of advice from very clever and experienced people. With all the advice received you’ll just need to interpret it based on the weather conditions you experience locally.

I think @sciencemaster has a few videos on YouTube you might find beneficial. There are other users that post videos too, so in the absence of someone local to you they might be a good way to see things demonstrated.



Join your local association. You may have missed out on their course but they will have a training apiary you can visit weekly to get hands on experience. They will probably offer you a mentor as well.

Co Founder Stuart Anderson Presentation on 1st May in London

Battery ran out for the last 5 mins so apologise for that, but got most of the presentation.


Too cold for what ? The bees keep the hive interior and honey the correct temperature no matter what country they are in. Your not going to be extracting when it’s really cold anyway. Check out youtube, there is film of a uk beekeeper extracting honey from the flow hive. :wink:

Hello I have just received my first bees today. I am in North Yorkshire in the uk. I took them in a langstroth hive with the view that I could add my flow on top when they have settled. However I have just observed there is a size difference on the brood boxes. The hive the bees came in are 20 inches long as is the flow hive but the width is different my new hive is 16 inches ( approx) and the flow 14 inches so that means there are not compatable. I have read about 3/4 size langstroth hive which I assume is what the flow hive is ? What size/ style should I order on langstroth to fit the flow so I can rotate kit easily ? Hope this make sense Jason

Sounds like your bees are in a 10-frame Langstroth (16" wide). The default Flow hive boxes are 8-Frame Langstroth (14" wide), although Flow is now selling a 10-frame pine kit:

They also have a 7-frame Flow super, which fits on a 10-frame Lang brood box. :blush:

Bees. A full hive or a nuc?

Thanks Dawn for your response. Dee. It a hive with about 6 frames or bees.


Could anyone tell me if they have a Rapid top feeder on their FlowHive and what size do you have?

Does it fit without making any adjustments?

Just joined the forum. I have a Flow hive purchased second hand ( unused). Bees going in it this week.
I have also have 3 other conventional national hives. Been keeping bees for a couple of years.
Flow is a real marmite ( or probably more accurately vegemite ) system. Its an experiment for me, with number of club members watching closely.
I have rape seed to deal with early in the season, hence waiting to get the nuc settled.
Fingers crossed.

Welcome, Steve.

You mean it is spreading everywhere? :smile:

Just remember that the Flow hive is just a different way of extracting honey. Do everything else exactly the same way as you do with the British Nationals. Same inspections. Same varroa treatments etc. Only add the super when the brood box is bursting. If you run brood and a half in Nationals, consider doing that in the Flow hive too. Finally, with OSR honey, extract early from the Flow super, or don’t put the Flow super on when the rape is flowering.

Please ask if you have any questions. We have quite a few Brits and expats on the forum, so we should be able to help. :wink:

Update from My Hive,

I had wintered with double brood, early during the year I noticed my only hive had DWV, I treated them by vaporizing them with Oxalic Acid and they pulled out strong.

on 1st May I split the Split the hive to create a second hive, as did not want to risk having one hive again next year.

My original hive by 20th May was booming and I placed the FlowSuper as the bees needed space, 28th May saw a sealed swarm cell, quickly located my queen and put her in a new brood box with frame of brood and foundation and shock 3 frames of bees with her and placed her in the original place.

Majority of the bees with the old queen at present are working on the Flow Super, and only have 3 frames of bees in the brood box. The Flow Super is packed with bees.

Inspected my 3rd Hive on 4th June with the swarm cell, and there was more queen cells, I have knocked all but three cells that I have chosen, the original sealed swarm cell and two other cups with royal jelly and a grub inside it.

I quite happy that my colonies are expanding well from what started as a disaster at the beginning of the year, It pays to regular check your bees health.

Would love to hear about other UK experiences, I shall update later on how much honey I manage to harvested.

My original colony is bringing in honey stores, finally it is a relief seeing the honey being deposited.

At present they appear only working on the last three frames, I shall monitor how they do and give you an update.

What are you bees doing?

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3 frames filled, this has been in a span of a week.

The bees empty few of the cells and re-deposit the honey.

Will harvest some of the honey this week to give more space for them to store.

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My First Harvest

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Dear All,
Is someone the Queen Bee in charge of us all in the UK? Or are we just a group? ANd how do I join plz? I’ve just got my bees home ( Ashford Kent) 10 days ago tho assembled the hive in Jan 2016 and a swarm put in in July by our local group Weald of Kent Beekeepers assn.
Unfortunately I’ve been very poorly for the last 7 months ( infected hip replacement so unable to look after myself let alone bees- so our local group looked after the hive at Frittenden for me and, now I’m a bit better, they’ve finally come home!