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UK Flow keepers


Hi Guys is there a good hive management app, I would love to go paperless in recording progress of the hive.

Ideal app would where you can records the data, as well take photo, audio and videos to the data, and get a report of the hive management.


There are 2 that I know of… If you are UK-based, you might try:

As a US-based beekeeper, this year I am using:


Hi Guys, as a begginer beekeeper, how many beehives should one start with and why?


At least one! :smile: Just a joke, but I think 2 is a good number to start with. One is fine, but if it has a problem, you don’t have a backup hive. A second hive can provide you with extra bees if your other hive is weak, or honey and pollen stores if it is low on food.

More than 2 hives might get a bit overwhelming for a beginner. I once had 5 hives - it was pretty stressful in swarm and honey flow season, with all of the inspections and harvesting plus a (different) full time job. Would have been fine if I was retired, but I wasn’t.

1 hive or 2 for beginners?

Thank you, Dawn

How many hives do you have now?

The guy I am getting my bees told me I should have four hives, 2 complete hives and two half. And that the half hives to merge in the complete 2 complete hives in Autumn, allowing the bees to survive the winter.

Since I am getting a Nucleus in June, what is the expected time they would start to produce excess honey to harvest?


2 nucs should build up nicely for winter. I think that’s enough for a beginner but if you want four hives go for it. No need to unite for the winter unless you have a weak colony. You have to understand that the bees you are uniting in the autumn will all be dead by the spring. The important overwintering bees are made in September October and their numbers will depend on your queen and effective varroa control in August September.
Don’t expect any crop from your nucs this year in the uk. I wouldn’t be deploying flow frames this summer.


I have 2 hives that we manage with a friend, and 2 of my own.

How long is a piece of string? :smile: It will depend on the weather, nectar flow and health of the queen. I would not expect a harvest this year, but if they overwinter nicely, you should be able to harvest next year. My understanding is that UK beekeepers have been hit with some very unusual weather, and the bees have been suffering quite a bit for the last year or so.


I have been attending the Newton Abbot beekeeping school last year and may get flow hives this fall. I would be interested in what experience people have had in theUK with them befor I purchase two hives. Is there anyone with one that has had experience them near Devon U.K.


@Ant You need to ask at Newton Abbot Beekeepers


Has anyone had any experience with the plastic foundation frames.

Would love to hear your thoughts on them



As weather is now improving, have you got the honey flow supers on?

Would love to hear how your bees have found the flow hive.

I look forward in hearing about your experiences


Hi Guys,

The bee breeder said the bees have taken well with my plastic frames and have drawn up all the 8 frames, he is waiting for to put a new queen and check if she is laying well.

After which I will be able to collect the bees and bring them to home.

They bee association club have been very supportive and helpful.

It time will know how successful the Flow hive will be in our area, I am sure lot of people here would be kin to find out the results.


Hello, I’m in West Devon and have just received and assembled my Flow Hive. I’ll be a first-time beekeeper and cant wait to get started. Great to find people to chat to about Flow, read so much negative stuff but not from anyone who actually has one of these hives. Any of you live down this way?


Yes but they are filling the brood nest with Honey!! Go figure. I have at least 2 full frames in both hives some is already capped


Same here. I have 2 full frames of Capped Honey. With quite a bit in the other frames.I think they are working on a third frame of honey but will check in a couple of days. I am thinking of removing one of the Honey frames and putting in an empty frame. I am wondering how things will go as we approach the June Gap.


One of our Beeks last week said June gap seems less of and issue the last few years.
I’m wondering if the colder, damper not so hot weather has a lot to do with it - trouble is it also meant last year the Queens were not well mated - several beeks have had badly mated Queens from last year that didn’t make it through the winter or were struck down with Varroa and Nosema due to the mild winter


I get my hive next week.

Planning to have a second brood box this year instead of using the Flow Hive Super, allowing the bees to build a bigger hive, helping it through the winter.

If they are draw up the second brood box, then will put the Flow Hive Super. Otherwise will see wait next year to use the Flow Hive Super.

Will keep you posted of the progress.


Hi Alan here from Glasgow. I don’t suppose a anyone is from Scotland? I’m just getting into this and have joined Glasgow beekeeping Association (GBA). Just looking for a contact that has similar climate and there for weather related problems.

Give me a bell please.



I have used the Mann Lake plastic foundation frames in the super of my non-Flow langstroth without any problems (and the brood box has 100% wax foundation). Just rubbed on some wax and the bees took to it really well. I have tried some ML plastic frames in the brood box of my flow hive too, alongside natural foundation. It is clear that the mesdemoiselles prefer the natural foundation that came with the nuc that I transferred into the Flow Hive, but when that was full, they drew out the ML plastic just fine and seem to be happy enough!


@AdamHUK strange the few plastic frames I have - one from a year ago when I started - they never seem to fully draw them out?