Urban bees vs wood heater smoke

Hi @anon63823775 ,

You may have seen this linked post (above) recently…anyhow worth a look although it may not answer the question. Burn offs are known to be much more putrid as the lower heat of the burn (often caused by greener wood/plant litter etc) causes more chemicals and particulates to be released in the smoke - a less complete combustion. I guess it depends on how close and how stinky, but I still think the sustained concentrations of the smoke (the particulates and the chemicals) would be unlikely to cause the bees to leave the hive. When you look at the air quality on this site (click on Geeveston or Huonville for example) http://epa.tas.gov.au/epa/air/monitoring-air-pollution/real-time-air-quality-data-for-tasmania
you will see the spiking of the readings so although the air is poor at times, and extremely poor at others, the changes in wind and the like (inversion layers) might mean that the bees are not exposed to sustained very high levels.