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Varroa and DWV - it could happen to You!


I’m not computer savvy so if you go to Facebook. Page you can see pictures of setup.


Interesting new research. We all know that Varroa feed on bee blood (hemolymph), right? Wrong! They are actually feeding on fat bodies. This article has a link to a video recording of the lecture about it:

Meanwhile, here is a photo 24 hours after my latest OAV treatment. Scary stuff!


Fat bodies??? I’d better go check myself for mites!


You can get Dawn to do a sugar roll for ya, then have a vape together :wink:


Be glad you’re treating yours. As a newbie I’ve come across so many experienced bee keepers that procrastinate treating the bees and just buy more in the spring. I find that sad and expensive. If it were a theory or belief or trial it wouldn’t bother me but neglect…that chaps my fanny.


That’s a great photo. Are you treating every 5 days for 15 days? What’s your program? Interestingly enough after going to the link you posted this is what I got sucked into from the same site. https://honeybeesuite.com/its-not-about-mites-any-more/


I treat every 5 or 6 days, usually for three treatments. However after each OAV, I do an “accelerated mite drop” count, checking the mites on the core flute slider. This is a standard British method and is a very good indicator. I document the drop by photographing the board. If the count on the whole board is higher than 25 mites, I treat again 5 days after the last treatment, and keep treating until it drops below 25. My record is 6 treatments. If I had to do more than that, I might consider Apivar once a year.