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Video: First spring inspection in 1st colony in France


Hello everyone,

We recently acquired our first bee colony which we have transferred into our home-made hive in France (video on that in an earlier topic). We did our first spring inspection and made a video of it.

Voice-over is in Dutch, but I’ve added English subtitles to it in youtube (just use the “cc”-button if necessary):



Caught a swarm, did we do the right thing?

WOW!! vary cool, question about the towels? can your explain a bit more?

Also what software did you use to put the graphics on the video


Thanks @Martydallas!

We did not want to lose more of the warmth from the hive than necessary for this inspection. After all, the inside of the hive is some 35 degrees Celcius, and it certainly was not that temperature outside of the hive. We were hoping the towels would help prevent heat-loss.

I have gotten a couple of tips on how to improve this towel method:

*First off, put a bit of weight on the edges of the towel were it hangs down, to prevent the wind from getting under the towel and displacing it while you are working on the hive. (Much like when you weigh down a table cloth on your outside-table to prevent it from being displaced).

*Roll the end of the towel on a piece of old broomstick. Do this for both towels. This way you can roll up one, and roll down the other towel in a neat way when you want to uncover a frame.

For video editing, I used premiere pro and a bit of after effects. But I’ve worked with final cut as well. It does not really matter what you use, as long as it is one of the more professional programs, I suppose.


Hi & thanks for showing your bees, I like the towel idea for keeping the cold out of the hive. I use towels for my wax molds to stop the wax from cooling down too quick & cracking.


What I really like about your editing was the graphics where you put a circle arrow and text and it moved with the frame. It was not jumpy looked really really professional. I produce some health care building code videos where I would certainly like using that software. I will look both of them up. Final Cut would work well with my Mac have not heard of the other one but will look it up as well.

Just did not want to spend the additional dollars on Final Cut, it looks like it would be worth it to me if he can produce something like you did in this video.


Check your PM, I replied!

B.t.w. as far as I know, Final Cut is is limited to a mac, but the Adobe programs are available for both mac and windows. (I do not know if these programs run on Ubuntu, I fear they do not).


Oddly, I have the Adobe Premier and After Affects but I keep finding myself using Filmora just because of the simplicity.


You should indeed use whatever works best for you!


like what you have done as well, I have only used iMovie so for. this is all good.