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Video on "catching" a wild swarm


Here is a video from our videos page on our website - http://www.honeyflow.com/gallery-videos/videos/p/60
Show’s you the process of getting a swarm and putting it in your Flow Hive, and following through to harvest.


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I am so ready to start this process!!!


Can someone explain why you use the car battery terminals on the wire mesh part of the hive?


Hi there,

I think what you are referring to is when they connected the battery terminals to the wires running across the frames?

If so, this is how you embed new wax foundation into a frame with wires, if you are doing it at home. She makes it look easy, but actually it can be quite tricky to get right! :blush: It is not essential to use wired foundation, but many people do it. The wire used on the frame resists the current from the battery, and gets warm enough to melt the wax a little. It can then sink into the wax surface, out of the way of the bees which will need to use the foundation.

Hope that helps.



Jeff from this forum shows what happens if you mess it up here:




great job interpreting my question! ha! Thank you so much.


Hi everyone !

Not got my 3 Nuc’s of bees yet but I’m so ready. To keep busy I’ve been doing some extra. I built this 5 frame Nuc swarm trap. Hoping some stray Swarm will venture passed my new abode for them !

. . . . I have five deep reinforced wax foundation in the frames n used lemon grass in holie plastic bag with cotton balls. Any one know how often I should refresh the lemon grass oil !