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Wasps and recolinizing


I lost my hive to wasps last year so i froze the little buggers in a freezer. I plucked them out of what comb they didn’t totally destroy. If i introduce new bees to this hive will they stick? Will the wasp pheromones scare them out??


I doubt it. If you are installing a package, they may abscond anyway for their own reasons. If you are installing a nucleus, they will very likely stay.

I believe that wasps are one of the insect groups (like bees and ants) which produce oleic acid when they die. The bees sense this as a “death pheromone” and cart the body out of the hive. If there are a lot of dead bodies, a package may get overwhelmed and decide to leave, but if there are just a few dozen, you should be OK.