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We need photos of how you store beekeeping supplies


My garage is getting full of various beekeeping supplies. Since I’ll be extracting using Flow Frames, in theory, I don’t need a honey shack for extraction equipment and processing. But I’m hanging mediums here and frames there and my bee suit is over there and Flow parts are in a zip lock pinned to the wall and so on.

Would some of the professional bee keepers share photos of the outside and inside of their processing areas? Hobbiests too? Or what are folks planning? For people who sell, what laws have you come across such as requirements in your processing ares for a fresh / hot water supply?

I’m getting a hankering to build my own shed … !!! :honeybee::innocent::sunflower::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Photos please??


I have three sheds and I’m afraid my organisation doesn’t get any better than yours.

The only thing that is tidy is my bee bag that I take to the hives and my spare boxes for AS/Crown Boards/Excluders in a shed at the apiary


I keep hoping to have enough room to put things inside. The only things I have under a roof are the flow supers, a lot of frames and some unassembled boxes… Everything else is stacked outside.

The two stacks on the left are empty boxes. The four to the right of those are hives with bees. Hiding in the grass as usual…


Heavens Michael
You are even more untidy than me!


Is that why we never see any photos from you, @Dee? :smiling_imp: :smile:


Looks like you are not alone, lady! My dining room has been taken over:


I have 3 Plies of Equipment - Plastic boxes in the Garage, Plastic boxes and over spill in the lounge I get in trouble for and Plastic boxes under and around my Hive stand

Has turned into this

Now this…


Hi everyone

Just started today to pimp my girlfriends garden shed into my bee shed! :smile: As there is not to much space I build in a table which I can fold down when not in use. Worked out pretty well! :sunglasses:


Yes she is on board! She also got infected with the beefever! :bee::grin::bee: