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We need your expertise! OVERWINTERING TIPS

Hi All

Winters here in Northern NSW Australia are both short and mild (last weekend, while parts of Australia were still under snow, some of our staff were swimming at the beach).

So we want to ask you - our brains trust - whether you would be willing to share what it is you do to give your girls the best possible chance to get through winter.

We realise that every situation is different and the best advice will always be regionally specific, so we will be interested to know:

(1) Where you are, and
(2) Your top tips & techniques for overwintering (a couple of photos of your winter set ups would also be great if you’re willing to share)

We don’t need you to write anything yet - but I would love for you to PM me if you are open to getting involved so we can chat in more detail.

I realise there’s a lot on this on the forum already, but we would rather connect with you directly on this rather than sift through a lot of threads that don’t necessarily give us the information we are seeking.


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Hey all,

For those willing to help us with this - we are now ready to gather your tips!

We would love for you to share your experience with regards to overwintering in very cold climates any time before 20 October.

If it’s more convenient you could record the information into your phone and send it to us - or written form is also great - whatever is easiest.

Photos would be super helpful if you have any.

I have already received some great responses via PM and we will certainly include those too.

Thanks so much everyone.