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Weird Super cedure cells


i just added a new queen to my hive it has been queenless for about 2 in a half weeks and last week before i added her in i found a couple laying workers and so i dumped the bees out into my yard about 20 yards away from the hive they flew back about except for about 4 workers and so later that day my queen arrived and i added her to the box they ate through the candy cap in about 3 days and shes loose in the hive laying quite well but i saw were the bees are making super cedure cells and their were 2 to 3 eggs in them so i figured it was from the laying workers so i cut the cells out should i have done that or not cause now i feel like i shouldn’t have im regretting it


New queens will place 2 or 3 eggs per cell; they figure it out eventually though.

200 or more feet would have been better to shake them bees out.


Laying workers cannot make queens. They only make drones. So if you cut out queen cells with larvae in them, the larvae were not from laying workers. :blush:


Laying worker hives often attempt to raise queens from drone eggs. In fact, in my experience, I would say they probably ALWAYS do at one stage of the process. Then they tear them down after they cap them.



Thanks Michael. :blush:

I guess my brain was thinking that laying workers will never produce a viable queen, which is true. However, that is not what my fingers ended up typing. :smile: