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Welcome - Here you will find the Rules & How to Use. As always be kind & considerate to one another. 🐝

We’re buzzed to welcome you to the Flow Forum - take a look around and join the conversation on all things bees! Feel free to ask questions, start discussions and share your knowledge with others in response to their beekeeping questions.
We strive for this forum to be a great resource for all beekeepers- from newbees to experienced beeks. Beekeeping is such a wide and varied practice and we would like to encourage conversations which will assist in expanding the collective knowledge available for our Flow community.

We welcome a wide variety of information and perspectives and feel it is important to offer counterviews and differing opinions, however we would like to encourage everyone to provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation and refrain from personal attacks. If someone is being hostile or engaging in personal attacks please flag the post and move on, one of our moderators will handle the situation.

We endeavor to bee involved with the content on this forum, however Flow may not be able to review, all of the material posted and are unable to bee responsible for the accuracy of the information listed. Moderators responding will endeavor to give accurate information, however (with the exception of our Flow Customer Support representatives) are not employed by Flow and therefore views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of Flow.

For any customers who need advice in regards to order, postage or product issues, please contact our lovely customer support team through our contact page.

Buzzing to Post a Question? Here’s some tips:

  • Do a search for your keywords to see if there is an existing discussion on this topic

  • Try to post under the most relevant category
  • Make sure to choose a heading that explains the discussion
  • Double check your post before listing to ensure that meaning, tone and grammar are in line with your topic.

Replying and Joining the discussion:

  • We encourage and welcome discussions, debates, differing opinions and new ideas
  • Keep discussions relevant to the original topic, you can always create a new thread for new ideas
  • Be mindful that our forum hosts a large variety of people young and old from all walks of life. Keep it friendly- please refrain from swearing, using personal attacks or offensive remarks.
  • Assume people mean well and reply with a friendly tone
  • Edit headings to match discussions
  • Read before posting to double check your meaning, tone and grammar
  • Feel free to share your knowledge by answering questions where you have information that is relevant
  • If you have specific questions for flow staff please refer them to @Forum_Support . These may include: Troubleshooting advice, Flow specific beekeeping questions or product concerns.
  • All complaints, shipping or order issues should be directed to our contact forms, where Flow staff are equipped to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing.
  • Help keep this forum humming by flagging inappropriate behaviour.

This Forum has tools that enable the community to collectively identify the best (and worst) contributions: favorites, bookmarks, likes, flags, replies, edits, and so forth. You are welcome to use these tools to improve your own experience, and to collaborate on the forum. As your trust level builds up within the forum you will be able to contribute in a greater way by editing headings and posting more links, so please use these features.

Beehaviour that may Sting

To ensure that the forum remains a positive experience for everyone, the following behaviour will not be tolerated here. Anyone who engages in any of the following actions will receive 3 official warnings from a Flow Staff member and then their account will be closed.

  • SHOUTING (using all capital letters), offensive language or personal attacks
  • Intimidation or deliberate comments to antagonise people, Offensive comments about race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and nationality, are not acceptable
  • Posting multiple links and promotions throughout a thread for business purposes
  • No Advertising or affiliate links

Moderators- Our Guard Bees

Moderators have the special authority to make sure our Forum is a safe and productive place. They are responsible for this forum, however it is up to the whole hive to ensure it is humming smoothly. With your help, moderators can be community facilitators, not just guard bees or mortician bees!
In order to maintain our community, moderators have the authority to remove any content or user account for any reason at any time. Moderators are unable to preview new posts and consequently, moderators, site owners and Flow are unable to take responsibility for any content posted by the community.

Businesses and Self Promotion

We welcome the promotion of bee related products and products that will be useful to our forum users in: http://forum.honeyflow.com/c/sponsors-businesses17
Just as flowers receive pollination by providing pollen for our bees, we ask that anyone who is using the forum to promote their business offer something to our community in return.
This exchange can be in the form of providing our users with some helpful information, assisting new beeks, participate in the discussions or provide links to our website from yours.

  • Please use only one thread per business.
  • It is ok to post occasional relevant references to products or services throughout the forum if they participate in discussions and are relevant to the topic (no more than 3 external links).
  • It is against our terms to hijack threads to discuss a product or service.
  • It is not permitted to add affiliate links
  • Please flag posts that break the rules above or if you have concerns.
  • We reserve the right to edit or delete promotional material if we deem it inappropriate, and are unable to take responsibility for how visitors use the information you post. e.g. personal information (phone numbers, email, physical address, etc)
    Flow reserve the right to edit or delete promotional material at any time.
    You are welcome to delete your personal information if you decide you don’t want it on the forum.

Safety and Privacy

The forum is an excellent tool for connecting with people in your local area. If meeting up with new people, please always exercise caution. Even though this is an excellent community and beekeepers are usually great people, it is always necessary to take usual precautions when meeting up with strangers, just in case they are not as friendly as they seem. Unfortunately Flow are unable to guarantee the safety of all users active on this forum.
If you are going to exchange your personal details (address, phone and email) this is best provided through Private Message (PM)- - This way not everyone has access to your personal details.

Happy Beekeeping
Flow Team

Please PM Flow @Forum_Support if you have any questions concerning this Agreement.


For further details on using this forum please read our TOS

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