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What are the rules and regulations for selling honey in Australia


After searching the forum I haven’t been able to find an answer that relates to Australia and I’ve struggled to find anything on google.

The situation is that over the warmer months I am getting a lot of honey and putting it in jars but there is just too much to even give away so I’ve thought about selling at markets and local organic shops but, to do so I’m unsure what I have to do?

Is there regs on getting it tested or labelling it properly? What are the responsibilities as a beekeeper?
I want to be able to do it legally and essentially cover my own backside.
Thanks, Luke


HI Luke,
I’m a newbee but according to the Australian Beekeeping
Guide, by the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation, Australian beekeepers who
want to sell honey should contact their local government public health unit about the legal requirements for extracting and packaging premises, labels for honey containers, record keeping and compliance with food safety laws. I’d expect selling small volumes might not be rigidly controlled. Best also check with your State’s Department of Agriculture apiary experts.
Cheers, Peter

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Hi Luke I would call/visit these guys http://www.beesustainable.com.au/ They are very friendly & sell honey from all over Melbourne themselves, but they would definitely be able to tel you all info you need.

P.S It’s worth visiting them just to taste some of the incredible honey they have. :wink:

Just found this on their site too, ignore date at top, think it’s in November



In WA it is managed by the local councils.

As i understand it, the rule is you must have a council inspected extraction room… however that could be disputed with a flow hive - but i bet the regs aren’t flexible.

General rule on home produce is you can sell as is products… e.g. apples off a tree but nothing processed e.g. lemonade, without a certificate for the premises it is processed in. I personally would claim flow honey is entirely unprocessed and so is ‘as is’. However, if you are putting into jars in your kitchen, the council will want to approve it.

I have a neighbour who makes cakes at home and has council approval… so if i ever get to selling, i’ll ask to jar at hers.

I’m pretty sure there are rules around labelling as well but i’ve not looked at this.


Hi Luke,
There are loads of Rules and Regulations at Federal, State and Local Council levels, you will need to check first with your State Food Authority for food health and safety regulations pertaining to packaging and selling. Where exactly are you located?


So you put in the time and do the hard work and everyone wants to put their finger in your jar of honey?


[quote=“skeggley, post:6, topic:8490, full:true”]
So you put in the time and do the hard work and everyone wants to put their finger in your jar of honey? Typical.
[/quote] ???..:confused:


@Kirsten_Redlich, I think @skeggley meant that he is resenting the city/county/state wanting to regulate his honey production and sale. :wink:


Yeah that’s right. With my coumcil I’m supposed to register and pay for keeping hives.after registering and paying at the state Ag dept. no surprises they would want a cut if I were to sell honey as a hobbyist. Oh and this is after paying 2.5K pa in rates…
But I digress…

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Oh , ok, well that’s the case with any business you set up. I suppose it contributes to costs of them making sure people aren’t doing stupid things. I’ve seen appalling things done with food, even in the kitchens of fine dining restaurants. And if someone comes back & says your honey made me ill (not likely, I know), unfortunately Australia is moving towards that ridiculous US trend of litigation.
PS I don’t particularly agree with it (the labelling etc), but can see where it comes from. (I definitely don’t agree with the litigious nature of US)