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What do You See in This Photo


My cells appear differently to other I have seen.

In particular is the white wax?, of differing lengths at the ends of the cells mostly where the honey ends.
They are not capped as you can still see the opening but why the wax.
Is this part of the drawing out of the ends?

One thing I saw in the next photo which I missed visually was the condensation.

I will open the vent at the top.
Note the first drop of honey was seen Thursday morning now Monday so they are busy.


UGH, @busso, you are an engineer!!! Therefore, I expect precision, even with language! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It should ALWAYS be different from, differs from or differently from… Please, don’t descend into imperfect language - I know you speak several! :smile:

P.S. Nice photos, and your Flow honey looks amazing. :wink:


Hi Busso, it looks like your on a real honey flow there. The condensation is absolutely nothing to worry about. I always see that in my observation hive at the end of the day when there is lots of honey coming in. I personally would leave the top vent closed. That will only disrupt the beautiful job your bees are doing of air conditioning the hive. You will find that if you leave the vent closed, all that condensation will be clear by the next morning, thanks to the bees.

PS, I wouldn’t worry about the wax. What I would do inspect the frames before harvesting the honey.


Hi Dawn, I wasn’t sure if I should start a sentence with “And”, like I did earlier. I’ve seen the most incorrect spelling & bad grammar from an unnamed poster who is probably more educated than you, me & Busso put together.


Some people move to the USA and adopt American customs. So if the cap fits you , you would be different to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And @JeffH it is OK to start a sentence with and. I do it occasionally myself.
“Many people were taught in school not to begin a sentence with and or but. The rule they were taught was ‘don’t begin a sentence with a conjunction’. This rule is a myth. It has no basis in grammar, nor in usage.” https://centrediting.com.au/2013/06/17/mythbusting-dont-use-and-or-but-to-start-a-sentence/

Having got all that sorted the wax looks normal?
I have just opened the vent in the inner cover, but will cover it again.
Too quick off the mark.

PS English grammar not my long suit and frequently have augments with myself as to what is or what is not correct. Then get it wrong. :confounded:


Hi all,

I’m ducking this ESL lecture :wink:. As I do try to teach my older Vietnamese adult student. Speak so I understand then we’ll be concerned about your perfect or not so perfect grammar. And My Vn grammar Sucks ! But we do have fun learning n laughing with one another ! I’m a jack of all trades but a master of few ! :wink::+1:

Ta Ta,



Come on @JeffH, I’m not that bad (or educated)!


I quite certain they never covered that in any of my English classes.


They did in my British girls’ school. They were very strict about it too. Of course, it may not apply to American, I was talking about real English. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have always read a lot and growing up about half or that or more was from British authors, all of whom seem to have impeccable grammar. But it was confusing. It took me years to realize that there were two different proper spellings for many words. I would see color and colour but I didn’t know which was correct. I still can’t spell theatre right for American English.


And, so it appears that Dawn is not doing anything differently and always causing a stir :stuck_out_tongue:

P.s. I would recommend “Grammarly” which is a plugin you can use as an extension in your browser, etc.
I have used it for work, and it’s good when you don’t know or can’t remember the correct grammar.
You can select English or American English :wink:


At least I am consistent, and no different from my usual self! :heart_eyes: