What happens inside the hive when we add the super? Bearding outside

I just added the super today and the bees have been bearding even night. Why?

Any changes in the weather? Sometimes it seems that when the bees are adjusting to changes inside there are more bees outside but it could just be coincidence…

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I’m also wondering if it’s just a coincidence. Two primary reasons for bearding are hot weather as well as preparing to swarm. I have seen bearding while a colony is preparing to abscond as a result of a slime-out. Also bearding will occur after a decent honey spill.

Bearding, especially during the night would likely be on account of hot weather because bees can’t gather water (which they use to cool the hive) during the night, so therefore a lot of bees beard outside to allow room for the bees inside to cool the hive without water… That’s my theory.


I ripped parts of the honeycomb. Might be decent honey spill. Thanks for clarifying.

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