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What kind of Bee suit do you suggest/like?

Hi Dawn, you’ve almost talked me into wearing my breezy bee suit again. I got put off it because last time I wore it I caught a terrible cold. I was under dressed under it & the cold breeze blew right through me at the end of last winter. Your right about feeling like the Michelin man:). One thing for sure, you don’t get stung while wearing them.
The hoop on ours broke almost straight away. We did a good job of fixing that up using a bit of stiff ss wire & heaps of fishing rod binding.

My assessment of them is: They certainly stop bees from stinging you. If your dressed adequately under them & it’s breezy, you feel cool. If it’s not breezy, you feel very hot in them. I also wonder how long the material they use on them will last. Mine hasn’t been washed yet, it’s almost as new. I’m assuming we’re talking about the same suits.

Hi @JeffH. I am sure that we are talking about the same concept in suits, but i bet you have a nice Ultra Breeze suit, whereas I have a cheap Brushy Mountain suit. It hasn’t been really hot weather when I have been wearing it so far - only mid 20s, but it will be interesting to see how it feels when the summer starts to get really warm. We had many days in the 30s last year, and my old bee suit was unbearably hot. At least it made my inspections quick - I couldn’t stand to wear it for longer than about 20 mins. I am not letting David wear my ventilated suit though - he might not give it back! :smiling_imp:

Zipper coils are nylon. Sliders are metal.

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Certainly that is consistent with what I am seeing. I used to do a lot of sewing, and I always found YKK zippers to be very good quality and long-lasting.

I’m new to beekeeping and so, have owned exactly one suit. And worn it exactly 3 times!

So far, I really do like it. The fit is perfect, the round veil doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic, and the ventilation is good (ask me again in summer!). Unfortunately, I can’t offer specifics as to country-of-origin or zipper materials, but the quality seems rugged to me so far.

I imagine that eventually I will get comfortable enough with working the hives that a jacket/veil or veil-only configuration will work just fine, but for now this suit gives me a lot of peace of mind.


I purchased this jacket from Pigeon Mountain.

Very cool and comfortable.

I recommend a fencing hood with whatever you choose. The round hoods have cloth that sits against your head and the circumference is not adjustable.

Hi Dawn, I find my ventilated suit very irritating on my skin. Plus it feels heavy & bulky. However, NO STINGS:). I wear my regular suit, but like you, I can’t stand it any longer than 20 minutes during the day. That’s why I get my beekeeping done early mornings or late afternoons when it’s not so hot. Also my hives are in the shade during those periods. My hives at the lychee farm only get afternoon shade, so I only go to them during the afternoons. I’m heading off shortly to do some work on some bees before breakfast. I’ll ttyl, bye

Interesting, mine is light. Probably 2/3 of the weight of my other bee suit. It doesn’t “feel” bulky, but it certainly looks bulky! :blush:

Wow, they must be two different species. Mine has a steel hoop incorporated in the hat/veil, which, like I said earlier broke nearly straight away. The hoop in the one you see in my recent videos also broke. Wilma has replaced the veil material several times. You may have noticed the clothes pegs on my shoulders in the videos. That’s to stop the zippers from going all the way back which eventually comes off. I’ve upgraded from clothes pegs to strong safety pins now:)

Nah, I just look at your handsome face, listen to your wise words and admire Wilma’s dulcet tones! :smile:

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Ah wow, what color’s red, thank you Dawn:) Someone did notice the pegs & asked me what they were for:) He/she might have thought they were still on there from after we brought the washing in:)

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Yeah that isn’t a bad looking suite. Actually looks a lot like a clone to the Ultra Breeze. No stings yet?

I ended up with an Ultra Breeze Jacket. I had actually ordered another suit and a week after the order I found out they were sold-out of the XL, so then I was only a week+ away from getting my NUC. It was my fault for waiting so long (needed to have the $$ was my reason), but Ultra Breeze had everything in stock and shipped UPS Ground so even after an ooops with the shipping address (my fault since I don’t use PayPal anymore and they had my old apartment on file) I still got my jacket. It is nice and I used it along with my Carhartt pants.

I still need to get a suit and/or jacket for my wife/visitor someday so all of these replies will help me decide what to do then.

I have few suits, but which one I wear really depends on what I’m doing. I’m now trying out a ventilated beekeeping suit by natural apiary, which is workout great. But I must admit that I do wear my old jacket from sheriff bee suits a lot, usually when move old hove boxes around the apiary. So I don’t think there is such a thing as one suit for the job.

I generally use a jacket with fencing style hood. I also keep an old gauze veil you wear over a hat incase I need it as in my avatar. Both work but the jacket and hood is a bit more reliable if you have a toey hive.


The kind of bee suits I like are popular among Italians, but they do have the good online shops which basically provide fantastic kind of services :slight_smile:
I would suggest everyone find yellow veil & ventilated suits all around, with matching gloves. I bought everything from HC Stores and definitely I loved the material of a suit and its excellence. I would suggest everyone to just follow up and get to it www.hcstores.com

This is one expensive suit :grin:

Oh heavens avoid buying stuff like this on Amazon…I try to get most of my equipment from places like Mann Lake, the old Bee Thinking ppl, etc. You can buy it for a fraction of the cost directly from the makers: https://www.ultrabreezesuits.com/shop/products

I bought mine from them directly to help ensure as much of the profit from the sale will go to the company who made the suit.

I can’t stand other bee jackets after wearing the Ultra Breeze.

Lol. Wow.

I wear a $13 jacket (like a Tyvek shirt) with attached veil I got from Amazon. And blue jeans.

But it’s freaking hot here.

Somehow, I haven’t been stung yet.

I always wonder why Amazon allows those kind of entries. People will put an OUTRAGEOUS price on something that is readily available elsewhere. I’ve seen my book as high as a couple of hundred on Amazon, while other entries (direct from Amazon) are only $55.

The ultra breeze, I buy direct from them and it is worth every penny when it’s 90 + F outside…

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