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What to do next?


So I did another inspection and my two boxes are full of honey and brood. My dilemma is that the flow ends I am hearing by July and I am leaving for vacation for a few weeks on Monday. Should I put an excluder and the flow hive on for the remainder of the month or just let them be? Thanks for the help.


I would. What do you have to lose? If you do it, maybe they use it, maybe they don’t. If you don’t do it, maybe they swarm from lack of space, or maybe they don’t. :blush:

You can always take it off again when you come back. I would wax it with burr comb before you put it on though. :wink:


Thanks @Dawn_SD I knew I could count on you for some good advice! BTW, putting the empty box under the other worked like a champ. Thanks again!


If there is still a flow going on I’d install the super and when you get back in July remove it and deal with the mites.


Thanks @Red_Hot_Chilipepper I will put the flow on later today. I appreciate all the help!