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Where is this.....?


Ok…some light relief.

I filmed this a few days back. Where is it and for bonus points, what is the plant/flower the bees are feeding on?


Hobart, Tasmania. An agave (perhaps Agave attenuata) in flower? :blush:


Hi Dawn,
I didn’t know what plant it was, I don’t recall having ever seen one, but l’d say you are spot on with the Agave attenuata. Well done.
Incorrect with the guess as to location however, but you are in the right country. Hint…the city shown is not in Tasmania.


Well, going by the AMP building, I knew it had to be Australia. It doesn’t look like the Sydney buildings, but you might have an interesting angle on it, so it probably is. Nice treasure hunt, thank you! :smile:

By the way, my front garden is full of agaves, just not attenuata :wink:


Hi Dawn, yes, Sydney Australia, home now to 5 million people and Australia’s biggest city. More specifically outside the Sydney Conservatorium building in the Royal Botanic Garden. This is just a short walk from the Opera House and Sydney harbour. I counted 7 hives in the gardens, very well and safely hidden behind the bushes in the last photo. Each hive has 3 deeps and I’d guess they are 10 frames.
The temperature was so balmy- they call it winter but it was 20 deg C!!
As our uber driver said, they are “delicate” people in Sydney.
The first photo shows some of their foraging area outside the gardens although the right of the first photo shows some of the Royal Garden area.