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Willunga, SA Mentor


Hello I am looking for someone to help through the purchase of my Flow Hive and establishing the hive.

If there is anyone in the Willunga area who could assist that would be terrific. I am in the Delabole Road area.
I am a complete green horn but enthusiastic.


If you have Facebook look for Peter Cocks and SA flow hive bee keepers, he can help you with purchase as he is a flow hive ambassador for SA.
Sellicks beach has a very experienced bee keeper John from doobee honey, he used too sell at the willunga markets
Regards Brian


Hello Brian
Thanks very much for your recommendation. I am not on facebook (can you believe that) but maybe I should get acquainted.


also you can join the SA bee society: they have open days at the club apiary where you can learn a lot from experienced veteran beekeepers. They have several events coming up over the next month or so. They have meetings on the first Tuesday of every month with a 30 minute session at the start where you can ask questions of an experienced beek. It’s a great place to get contacts for swarms and Nucleus hives.


Thanks Semaphore I will do exactly that.