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Wire Queen Excluder not letting workers through


Unscientifically :wink: , I can see the argument that the queen excluder causes undo stress on the bees.

Bees prefer a bee space of .375". A queen excluder offers .163". It’s obvious looking at the video that bees have to squeeze through the excluder.

Does it hurt/damage them? I guess if I were to make all the doorways in my house 1 foot wide, or small enough that I had to squeeze through, I would wind up sore and have some abrasions. I know one thing, I’d be reluctant to pass from one room to the next. However, I’m not a bee. A bee will injure itself or die for the benefit of the hive.

Luckily, it’s usually the young bees having to squeeze through an excluder: Once they get old and creaky like me, they’re foragers :slight_smile: