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Woodworking and Other Hobbies


One of my passions is growing most of our own food. I uploaded a video of my 2016 yacon harvest. I harvested one plant a fortnight earlier. I harvested my 5 remaining plants last weekend.



Nice boxes bro. Done a few myself for my Honey n others. Love the smell in my woodshop. Gerald.


Jeff, those tubers … Do they taste like spuds/potatoes ! We don’t have those up here in the Pacific NW of Puget Sound. That does look like a great harvest. Interesting how different regions around the world eat n enjoy different veggies n foods but we all seem to enjoy sweet honey.

Got my first full Flow-Hive yesterday. Both large packages (frame and wood parts arrived together. I’ll put it together tomorrow I think … Then treat with Tung Oil n let season a few days then add a large double 5 frame Nuc I have later.

Got to get busy. Going to my daughter’s later for Fathers Day supper n campfire too. Love outside campfires ! :+1:

Cheers n ta ta to you both,



Love your cubby/tree house. I have ‘small’ collection of old timber to work with too for the the very reasons you mentioned


What does it taste like Jeff, is it anything like Taro?


…Hansel & Gretel?


Hi Gerald well done, happy Father’s day. Ours is in Sept. I think.

Yacon, also known as Peruvian Ground Apple. Hi @ Kirsten_Redlich, As the name suggests it’s native to Peru. Also as the name suggests, it’s a bit like eating a crunchy apple. People liken it to a Nashi pear, I’ve never tried them. They are fantastic cooked as a vegetable, nothing like potato. They stay firm & crunchy when cooked, & similar to Chinese water chestnuts.

We’ve been having yacon AND water chestnuts in all our meals lately, so every bit has something crunchy in it:)

Good luck with your Flow hive Gerald, do you like Jerry? My dad was Gerald & got called Jerry. This is no lie, he had a brother named Tom:)

I’ll ttyl, bye


Hi Kirsten, I tried to include you in my reply to Gerald. When I typed @ your title didn’t come up so I typed it in. Anyway this should show into your inbox if the other one doesn’t. I’ll ttyl, bye


Endless projects on the go!

Here is the kids treehouse, and my 2 year long helical stair project.

The treehouse was a tremendously fun project. This summer it will get doors, windows, and shingles.

The helical staircase was extremely challenging. Took months of design work to get my head around the angles and curves. I’m working on the handrails right now (in between with more beehives).


Holy hell! :astonished:



whut WHAAAT!!! Incredible. Sorry but I don’t think ‘hobby’ quite covers this!


I’m a woodworker, using only hand tools. Power tools are for wimps!

Here is my top-bar hive I am making using only old discarded pallets (heat treated only).


Good stuff going on there. Nice pipe clamps and plane too.


I must be a wimp, however you’re doing a great job there & those shavings will be great in a smoker.


Yep I’m a wimp also.
I have great admiration for the skills of those working with hand tools. Well done.
Must admit that it is a wonderful feeling to see that wood just peeling away from a sharp jack plane… trouble is I seem to whittle away trying to get straight parallel sides until the wood is way under size. Hand saw… crikey I can’t even follow a line.

I’d be lost without my saws and router.


I have a handy tip, a hacksaw with a coarse blade works well on wood for small, quick cuts. My 40 yr. old 6" Makita with a tungsten blade has really paid for itself over the years. I’m constantly ripping stuff down. Mainly wooden stuff that other people throw away or put out on the verge with a sign “free”.

Another handy power tool is an angle grinder with a cutting wheel, I use that to cut metal lids from white goods like you’ll see in the video. Not to mention how convenient the angle grinder is with sanding discs.


Finally finished the staircase, now I can get back to important work like candy boards, winter wraps, and more beehives!


That is a true work of art. :blush:


Wow Wow…Wow: :star_struck::star_struck:


Double Wow Wow Wow , really beautiful .