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That’s a lovely urn, and so specially made. I can’t imagine the weight of this task. What a beautiful result :rainbow::deciduous_tree::tulip:


Pretty good guess @busso - you only left out the time needed to wait for the pole to rise :scream::flushed:oooops, I mean the loaves :innocent:


Wait what???
Watering the garden?


Thanks skegs, was afraid to ask that one!


Crikey! Did I write that… Geez, I thought my english was better than that. :rofl:


A great tribute Pete… nice work.


I really hope that was a typo :grinning:


Thanks mate, the turning wasn’t the hard part, it was probably the most emotional thing I have done. The guys at the Men’s Shed were shattered at Dennis;s passing within a couple of hours of knocking off after a day at the shed, he was a founding member and a dynamo.
Thanks to all you guys and gals that enjoyed see the urn also.


You are so naughty. :open_mouth::open_mouth:


Ain’t it so funny, as we get older we hit the enter key before we read what what we have written. :thinking: I just love this forum and the family atmosphere.


Just so, Peter - how unfair of Wilfred to say I am the naughty one! Rereading HIS post should set the picture straight :wink::upside_down_face: - who thinks of red wine, a pole, and 12 hours in the bedroom when discussing bread recipes? Wilfred does :smile:


I think he was thinking of Dawn, she is the ‘wild child’ and she draws you innocents into her den.:thinking:
But I like it, aahhh, the youthful memories.
Cheers Eva :rose:


I not sure which is the naughtiest, Eva or Dawn but they sure make me smile.
:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::blush::blush: Notice I smile more than I blush.:wink:


They are both feathers from the same bird, always good for a smile, but some of it goes clear over my head.:innocent: