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Yes, for sure Wilf, we use them in everything. You may have read how they reckon yacon will be the next big thing an account of the type of sugar that it contains. The sugar it contains gives soup a beautiful subtle sweetness. I started having soup every day for lunch last year on account of how much we got from 6 plants, so I only planted 4.

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This time I harvested one of my Queensland Arrowroot plants. This is the remaining one & what they look like. It is also a Canna Lilli species. I got over 8 kilos of rhizomes to peel, cut up & blanch for the freezer.

That will be used in my yacon soup, together with lots of other stuff out of the garden.

Queensland Arrowroot could be classified as a famine food because it’s easy to grow & It produces an abundance of food for little effort. You can use it in place of potato, however it will never replace potato. There’s nothing like a freshly dug potato.


I once read that you can preserve carrots for 6 months by burying them in sand and storing in a cool dark cellar. Not sure if it’s true but it might work with those yacon things too?

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I don’t think so Jack, they seem to start going rotten before I start picking them. The longer I leave it, the more rotten they become. I’m not sure if it’s my climate or my soil, or whether I should pick them a bit earlier. They seem to get the most growth in the last 4 weeks. If I leave them in the ground longer, they seem to deteriorate in the tubers, while at the same time, really bulk up in the rhizomes, which is next seasons plants.