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Hi, my name is Helene, I was born in Switzerland and now live in Italy for quite a few yrs. I speak Italian-German- French and a little English… ( my writing is quite bad )… so pls. excuse me in advance …
I am just very new in this incredible adventure,( if I can call it adventure )…I just received my new FH 2 this Christmas ( 2019 ) and I will try to assemble the all thing in the next few weeks as here is winter snowing and is quite cold…3° C-
I enrolled myself into the Italian Bees Association Club that will start lessons on the 21st. of January 2020… I want to learn the basic steps on bee keeping because I have no experience what’s so ever !
So, I do excuse myself in advance if I may ask elementary questions.
Too bad that in this area I don’t know anyone that has a FH to get info or discuss any problems I may have… I will see how thing go on in the future !..
I am very happy to be part of this community.