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this is a documentation of me setting up 12 hives at a campground one hour from our home. Just thought I would share. So this makes 14 flow frame hives, I have.

Here are Photo’s I have taken of my Girls thus far
If you like smugmug and sign up, please us the code below, I get come credit

Architect, I specialize in designing hospitals.
www.martyhuie.com also a website for my Girls :slight_smile: http://honey.martyhuie.com

Love camping/backpacking as well as I ride a BMW 1200GSA cross-country touring. I’ve gone to Alaska, Newfoundland, Key West, DC, San Diego. Anything I can do to help the environment I do. Additionally try to conserve is much as I can, I see the beekeeping is just another step in that direction. I love learning and hobbies such as this. I have learned so much just learning thus far about beekeeping that I did not know.

I’ve lived in multiple parts of the world, my father was in the U.S. Navy. Spent my last 4 years in high school on a cattle farm in Southeast Arkansas. I presently live in North Dallas in a residential suburban neighborhood, this is where I will have my flow hive.