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I am a registered and fully insured beekeeper based in Bunyip Victoria and provide services between Eastern Melbourne through to Tralalgon and including down to Wonthaggi.

- Hive (brood) Health Check / Inspection
- Bee Hive Lease / Rental / Hosting Service
- Bee nest removal and relocation
- Swarm Collection
- Unwanted/Abandoned Hive Recovery

- Ligurian Queen Bees from Kangaroo Island (pre-order required)
- Ligurian 5-Frame Nuc hives from Kangaroo Island (pre-order required)
- Raw Honey (currently out of stock)
- Comb Honey (currently out of stock)
- Soaps/Lip balms made by Lather Up Australia from our beeswax/honey
- Assembled frames with wax foundation.

If you already have a hive (or have ordered one) and would like regular hive/brood health checks please feel free to contact me direct.

William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper
Ph: 0487 100 001