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Living in the Tamar Valley, I have for a long time wished to keep Bee’s as a hobby. Recent changes, leaving the rental vacuum, allows us now to have and modify our own garden and accommodate a hive or two.

As part of a larger project to develop our vegetable gardens, we purchased our first hive, a Cedar Flow Hive 2. Living within 100m of a local orchard, we hope to not only support the pollination of our own and local neighbours gardens, but also provide additional support to the local orchard.

I have had some experience with beekeeping many years ago, but only in passive support to friends due to interest and a love of honey. But I consider myself a starting novice and have spent quite some time reading, researching and learning what I can from available online sources. I would love to find someone locally that might like to support an aspiring apiarist in their journey to safe and sustainable beekeeping.

We would like to establish our current FlowHive and when finances permit, expand to a second. Eventually, establishing 1 or 2 more hives at my in-laws to support their gardens and increase available honey yeild.