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Hi, just new to this forum. Have had a Flow Hive 2 now for 12 months. Started with just one brood box for about 4 months then added another brood box. Fed them sugar syrup prior to winter then left them alone to enjoy their winter break. About 2 weeks ago I put the Honey Super on, the next day the bees were all over it, with honey being deposited in the cells about a week later.

Thought best to get a mentor in yesterday and he said he has never seen such a healthy hive. With no SHB, Ants with an occasional cockroach that duct tape laid sticky side up on the inner lid resolves without it I would not even know they have visited. He said what ever I am doing keep it up. I just told him I research a lot and just really leave them alone to do what they do best. The hive was so healthy he took 3 frames in liu of payment.

At the rate the bees are going I will be harvesting honey in about 2 weeks a total of about 4 weeks from putting on the Honey Super.

I am enjoying this bee hobby it started out only to give the bees that are abundant in my backyard a home. Now it is full on watching them. They look so content and busy living their happy little lives. To which is why I don’t really disturb them. Guess that’s my secret to success.

Anyhow bye for now,
Cheers Wayne