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1 week old package queen cup found

Any help would be great! Im a little nervious, i oppend up my hive for a one week inspection after installing a new package with marked queen and could not visibly see the queen.She was released from her cage and I did however see that they were storing pollen and nectar. If you see my attached images i see eggs in the comb but also see a queen cup. Should i be worried?


Quick answer is no.

Was there an egg in the cup?

It’s a play cup
Bees make them all the time
They become queen cells only when charged.
Empty play cup ok till next inspection in a week
Play cup with an egg, check three days
Play cup with royal jelly and larva…action

Lovely view of those eggs against the black plastic


I agree with @Dee ! Queens looks to be doing a great job on that frame. Keep an eye on them. If they start building cells on the bottom of the frames then you will need to take action.

Thank you for the help, Ill update when I open it up again.

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Ok looks like they took care of it for me and i was able to find the queen. Here are some photos of the progress