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1st Flow Hive 2 Cedar

My first Flow Hive is on the post office right now, I have never owned this kind of hive before.

If I treat it with cedar oil, how often do you think I need to reapply that to keep the hive nice and functional in a pretty wet and cold climate?

Anything I should know about this hive that you have allready gained experience of here on the forum?

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Welcome to the forum where you find really nice folks happy to pass on good advice and tips. You will find lots of information if you click on the magnifying glass on the top right of your screen.
There is lots there about how to better use a Flow Hive to prevent problems like flooding when your extracting the honey.
It seems most use Tung Oil on their Cedar hives, I guess mold will be an issue in your climate and there is no given time for re-coating, Maybe better to go by the appearance of the hive as time goes by.

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Hiya Ulf, welcome :cherry_blossom:

I first coated my cedar Flow super and brood box with tung oil, which looked very nice but this finish degraded and allowed mildew to start near the finger joints after two seasons. Being in a climate with lots of summer heat and humidity and freezing winters I decided to sand the boxes down and recoat with an exterior grade water-based polyurethane. As direct sun made the wooden roof quite hot, I decided to paint it a light yellow color, which was a good move for my setup. It seems a shame to paint cedar, but it made sense under the circumstances. I did leave the gable ends unpainted/coated in poly to keep the wood grain look. Third year on, the poly is still holding up!

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