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2 month old split not making a queencell


I have made two splits from a strong hive 2 months ago, 1 split had a swam cell which now has a laying queen and doing well. The other split was just a few frames of brood and honey /nectar frames. That split didn’t make a queen cell from the frames of brood? so 2 weeks ago I added another frame of brood and nothing?? I have looked right through the split and cant find any sign of a queen or any brood. Could there be a bee in there that is stopping the hive from making a new queen? They are always noisy like a queenless hive sounds when I look through them but i’m not sure how to encourage them the make a queen ?


Several options. You could carefully give queen from strong hive and let them make new queen. They will make several queen cells so you could harvest a few for more splits or to have a queen bank. Buy a queen. You could give up and combine. Keep giving eggs and brood until they finally make queen. I like to have a few queens around in nucs so there is always a queen ready to go. That saves weeks of waiting and gives you the option to pinch a bad queen and replace quickly. If you have enough bees continually make queens so you always have a queen or a queen cell


My idea would be to continue adding frames with eggs and very small larvae to the queenless hive and they should get the message to make a queen, I would add a frame every 10 days or so from the strong hive. If your eyes a re good enough to spot cells with eggs they are the best chance to produce a queen.
I haven’t heard of a bee wanting a hive to remain queenless. I would disregard that idea. Another option is to buy a queen and introduce her, but like me, you probably want the satisfaction of success or the hive producing their own.


Thanks guys, I added another frame of perfect eggs and 1 day old larvae 4 days ago which checked yesterday and still nothing… No other eggs or brood being produced on any other frames so i might have to make a queen or buy one… i have two other strong hives which have only just requeened and started laying so im not keen on upsetting either hive just yet. i am in maryborough queensland and was wondering if there was anyone nearby that i could buy a queen from? It would be good to bring in some other genetics to my hives anyway.


Give Jeff Heriott a call at Buderim on 54454602 he sells nucs of very quiet Italian strain of bees but he may sell you a queen as he continually makes splits. Wilma will usually answer calls. He is a top guy. I have wanted to come up your way to do some photography so may be able to help, discuss it with Jeff.
Cheers Robert