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7 days in and supercedure cell?

Ok, so I did the first inspection today. Seven days after adding my nuc. I found the marked queen when I put in the nuc, but today after searching for 15 minutes, could not find her😢. I could see a VERY inconsistent brood pattern, and what looked like a ton of honey.
I could not find any eggs or really any larvae either?!? Plus, I found what looks like a supercedure cell.

Advise on what do do next. I was thinking of waiting to see if this supercedure cell comes to be a great young queen? But wouldn’t she need to take her fancy flight first?

I am located in Houston Texas


Check again in 2-3 weeks and if possible acquire a frame of eggs/very young brood as back-up.
Try to have at least two hives.

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Thx :hot_pepper: @Red_Hot_Chilipepper.
Curious, what the frame of eggs would do. Is that for my current colony to make queen cells?

Also, if I start a 2nd hive, should I stick with the same type of bee, or can I do a different type.

My colony now is a carniolan queen breed with a Italian.

Was thinking about doing a Russian colony.

Thanks for the input! Would love to hear more suggestions on what to do here…

Sure, try some Russians: I stopped bothering with specific bee breeds. Queens go out and mate with up to 40 drones who’s race is anybody’s guess so to me they are all mutts lol.

A frame of eggs is an insurance policy; if that queen cell is a dud, the bees can make new queen cells with the frame of eggs.


Given your location, i would contact your nuc supplier and tell them that they superseded the queen. If they are reputable, they will probably send you another queen. However, you will have to find the one your bees have made. The only issue with waiting for the supersedure queen in your region, is that you have africanized bees in the area, and you may end up with a very tricky hive if she mates with africanized drones.

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