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8 frame flow hive question


Hey all
I just installed my nuc and noticed when all eight frames are in my brood box, if I push them all to one side I have room for one more frame.

Do I center the 8 frames with an even space on the left and right side of box or push them all to one side and leave a larger gap on one side?

Or can I put another frame in there?


Hi Deryck, my understanding is that in the brood box you should centre them - even space on left and right side of box. I also understand that it can be different in the supers where you can open out the spacing to allow comb to be built higher to allow the cappings to be scraped off better. This doesn’t apply to a super with flow frames of course but I don’t just use the flow super - I have ordinary supers as well…


If you search “frames in 8 frame box” or something similar you will find there has been a lot of discussion on this topic. :slight_smile:



Hope I got your name spelled correct !!
Yah !! We’ve all seen the extra room … But pur that extra frame idea to bed. Just trust me … Center the 8 frames mid-section n no worry about the side space. It WORKs !

Cheers bro !


Yes, always center them. If you put another frame in (there IS room to do this) you risk rolling the bees when you do a hive check. Nothing worse than losing a queen because of your own lack of knowledge.


Except for kidney stones: Kidney stones are worse than rolling a queen lol.



Guess you’ve been there n done that ! Woooo ! Kidneys Stones are Nasty :exclamation:️ Only fought them three times. That is PAiN ! Stings and other stuff are a piece of cake !!

Ta Ta,


Ha! Fight he says. When they show up I waive the white flag, except for the time I was driving :open_mouth:


Pethedine is good stuff :wink:


Over here we have Dilaudid. It’s the most wonderful drug in the world. lol


Right now I have all my frames pushed to one side with the large gap on the other side. Should I center them now or can I wait until next weekend?


If you want to minimize the crazy comb, I would center them asap, but next weekend would be fine. Just take a gallon Ziploc bag with you to the hive for the brace comb that they may have made in the big gap. :smile:


Just finished spacing. Thanks for the motivation :grinning: