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A new take on birds and the bees


Not directly about bees, but I still found this interesting


Well it is about bees. That is the only bird that can digest beeswax. And it has had a long a fruitful relationship with humans and honey badgers…


The sound they make is clear to me as an interpretation of the bees’ buzz, then a hm? as if to say ‘seen any?’

I think we were all capable of some cross-species communication, before we domesticated ourselves :wink:


I have heard that cross-species interpretable sound when… hrrrmmmm (clears throat)… “de-queening” a hive. If you stand nearby and listen, there is an increasingly frantic buzz which seems to translate into, “have you seen Her? Where did She go? Was She here recently?? Is Cersei really dead? What about Margaery???”. I always feel guilty when I hear it, as I feel like “The Queenslayer” (apologies to George R R Martin), but I am doing it in the best interests of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms… errrmmm of my hive. :blush:

When they have panicked for an hour or two, I have pretty good success in introducing a new queen (I don’t like Sansa, I think I would go for Arya!) :smile: