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A "Successful Failure"


I heard the term “successful failure” for the first time while listening to the radio the other day. I guess by using the term “successful failure”, he was saying that he learned by his mistake. I thought about how we could apply that term to our beekeeping on a regular basis.

The main thing to do when things go wrong or fail is to learn from the experience & try to do better next time.

As heartbreaking as it is to lose a colony, I don’t think there would be an experienced beekeeper that has never felt that heartbreaking feeling.


Good point, Jeff!

I have always believed that the failures we encountered in whatever undertakings, are the pillars of our successes in the future!!


Hi Jeff,

Not sure if “Successful Failure” qualifies as a Oxymoron or not but sure enough we can duelly learn from our failures n move on to future successes.

This first year back at Beekeeping sure does qualify as a year/season of mistakes n failures if I wanted to limit myself to the negative only. Yes… Successful Failures I believe is one of positive movement forward in beekeeping … It’s has been a huge learning curve like getting back on a bike after not riding for 55 years. Lots has changed but underlying is the old learned basics.

Forward n onward to work out yet more successful failures Spring 2017 n a new season of northern hemisphere Beekeeping … Just have to get these “Girls” thru my first winter back in caring for me bees.

Cheers n TaTa,

Pix’s of my hive n monitoring system.


Yeah my hive failed this mid summer. I either over fed till the flow started, I put my flow frame on too late, or didn’t have enough room to expand brood. Other possibility my queen was failing. Either way I’m trying again next spring to see if I can keep it going more then 18 months. Did get 7 pints of honey outta the ordeal.